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This selection of vintage photographs shows some of our finest piers in their heyday, recalling their glory days when seaside piers were at the heart of the traditional British family holiday.

Memories of Bognor Regis

My wife Alma (nee Rodhouse) was evacuated as a child to Middleton on Sea, with her mum and another lady. They were billeted in a railway carriage in the grounds of a large house. The owners lived in London, and Alma's mum and the other lady acted as caretakers. Alma remembers little of that time, but she was (...Read full memory)

My parents moved to Bognor in 1961 when I was 14. I remember when half of the pier was washed away after a terrible winter storm. The beach was piled with wood from it and it all disappeared in a day! Bognor was left with just a pier head and a short jetty that led nowhere. I don't think they've ever rebuilt it.

I remember staying at the Uplands Hotel for 2 weeks about 1956 or 57. I'm pretty sure it was in Clarence Road and run by a Mr and Mrs Spickernel,( not sure about that spelling ). I was 12 years old and had a great time. The owner had 2 daughters,Suzanne,and Elizabeth,about the same age as me.I remember going to the (...Read full memory)

My National Service was spent in The Alamein Band of The Royal Tank Regiment which for 3 seasons, 1949 to 1952 played at Bognor Regis for two months on the promenade bandstand in the afternoons and in Hotham Park in the evenings. On one occasion we played in the theatre as part of a midnight (...Read full memory)

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