Old Maps of Bolingey

Historic Maps of Bolingey and the local area.

Memories of Bolingey

Read and share your memories of Bolingey itself or of a particular photo of Bolingey.

I have so many warm memories of Bolingey and Perranporth. My aunt owned & lived at 1 Crow Hill for MANY years, and my mother and grandfather for some years prior. I visited there yearly from babyhood through my teens. Last time I visited was 1988, and the 4 cottages were still there. A few years ago No.2 (I think) (...Read full memory)

I lived in Bolingey as a child, until 1959, and this picture has strong memories for me. My family had a cottage somewhere to the front and right of the chapel on the hill. The location was called "Crow Hill" and I think the cottages may still be there today. For some reason I was afraid of the large forbidding Methodist (...Read full memory)