Old Maps of Borough Green

Historic Maps of Borough Green and the local area.

Memories of Borough Green

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I am 80 and lived with my parents in Borough Green from 1934 to the early fifties. We lived between Station Approach and the Cinema. Dad had his office attached. It is now Chinese . After being shops and Wally's café Wally was Wally Wickens the milkman and my Uncle. The photos have conjured up names that (...Read full memory)

Hallo Marian/Miss/Mrs. Have discovered this website. I lived near the Station and next door but ond to the Cinerma from 1934 until the early 50, I was a contempory of Gerald Cloke and Tony Jessup. Both sadly long gone. I am still about at 80. Seeing the old photographs has bought back memories of many (...Read full memory)