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Caption for Bournemouth, East Cliff From West 1897: High above the East Cliff promenade are the turrets and flags of The Royal Bath Hotel, one of the town's leading resorts at this time. Its advertisement boasted patronage by '...the Prince of Wales, King of the Belgians, the Empress Eugenie...and all the most distinguished personages visiting Bournemouth'.

Memories of Bournemouth, East Cliff from West 1897

The Baths was the family home during the First World War. My great grandfather was Albert Henry Milledge, formerly a schoolmaster at a school in St Michael's loft of Christchurch Priory, who gave up teaching to help Alfred Roberts manage 'Roberts' Baths' which were then just private baths, after William (...Read full memory)

I was born there in 1928, in Boscombe Hospital, Bournemouth, and lived in Bournemouth till 1962. There is no where like Bournemouth, lovely beaches, stores, theatres, the Chines, and Shell Bay. An excursion to Poole and then to Canford Cliffs, and on a little ferry across to Shell Bay. Of course, you (...Read full memory)

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