Royal Bath Hotel Bath Hill

A Memory of Bournemouth.

My first job was at the Royal Bath Hotel in 1956 where I learnt all aspects of Office Work for 2 and half years. Boss was called Mr Dagley, and there were 12 of us in the Office. I was a very nervous 16 year old having just left Parkstone Grammar School for girls, and my first job!!! The first day, I was assigned to help the wages clerk, and was asked to tot up the columns of figures - no problem, as I was good at mental arithmetic - BUT - I managed to spill a bottle of ink all over the sheet of wages!!! Career almost over before it began. I was mortified as you can imagine. Happy days though - we had a lot of laughs. Always had to wear either grey, brown or black - not my best choice, as I had worn grey for five years as the school uniform. We had a big old Gestetner Copying machine to do the menus for the hotel - quite a messy job with large tubes of black thick ink. Also you had to be very careful of the stencil that you typed - not to tear it! The 'Boss Lady' (can't remember her actual name but she owned the hotel I think) had to be called 'madam', and I was terrified of ever bumping into her in any of the corridors of the hotel. She was terrifying. I was also terrified of the telephone, and tried to make sure that I was not anywhere near it if it rang!! Anyway, my years there stood me in good stead for the rest of my working life. From there, I went to work in Brights Department Store for another 2 years, until I felt like another change - you could always get another job in those days. It was good growing up in Bournemouth.

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did anyone remember the ice cream salesmen on the beach in the 50s, I was one and used to push our yellow barrows with dry ice and ice cream tubs from the Pavilion to the beach then we had to walk along the beach with a tray and sell ices to the holiday makers.

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