Old Maps of Bovey Tracey

Historic Maps of Bovey Tracey and the local area.

Memories of Bovey Tracey

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The old arch extends the boundary wall of the Baptist graveyard and juts into Abbey Road. The Primary School is further along the road. On my first day at the school, in 1942, the new infants were enrolled for the morning only. I can remember my mother standing under the arch with a group of her friends waiting (...Read full memory)

I was born in Bovey Tracey in 1952, on a Wednesday afternoon, the eleventh of June. I arrived in the middle of a garden party being held at 'Grey Gables' a house owned by a Mrs Pedrick (I do not remember her husband, but we children called her Aunty Lottie). My parents, my older sister and I lived in a house called Lemnos. I do (...Read full memory)