Box Hill, Upper Farm Swimming Pool 1938

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Memories of Box Hill, Upper Farm Swimming Pool 1938

I was watching the Ride London-Surrey Classic Road Cycle Road Race today and the pelaton rode up Box Hill bringing back a particular memory, so I decided to look up The Upper Farm Swimming Pool on-line and immediately saw this photograph. In 1961 myself and two friends from (...Read full memory)

Imagine my delight as a child to discover there was a swimming pool on top of Box Hill! Although we lived in Sussex we would often have "days out" in Kent or Surrey. Box Hill was a favourite, and I remember a swim on a particularly hot day, it was my first experience of an open air swimming pool. The photo is just as (...Read full memory)

Visiting Box Hill brings back many happy family memories. I come from Manchester & we used to visit my aunt & uncle who moved from Kingston to Leatherhead. I loved swimming & this has always been one of my favourite places. I still visit the area when I go south. These memories cover the 60s & (...Read full memory)

When I was 12 or 13 I used to go to Boxhill most days, during school holidays there would be lots of girls on holiday (mostly from London). The swimming pool and the Wimpy were good places to pickup said girls.. If asked about Boxhill - I ride a mountain bike over it now. I still refer to the Wimpy and swimming pool, glad to see I wasn't just dreaming.

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