Old Maps of Boxford

Historic Maps of Boxford and the local area.

Cabot Knewell, with wife Joan (nee Joan I Smith), was the master butcher at Graham House, 6 Broad Street, Boxford, from the mid 1940s to the 1970s. To the right is the Fleece. To the left, Riddlestons stationery, now a café. (The river opposite is the River Box - not the Brett; the shop (...Read full memory)

I have wonderful memories of times spent with my grandparents when they kept The Compasses Inn. I am the youngest of six children of eldest daughter of Jim and Kit Fisher, Doris. I can remeber going to Boxford by bus from Ipswich. I used to get off the bus outside The Fleece to walk along Stone Street to The (...Read full memory)