Old Maps of Bradford

Historic Maps of Bradford and the local area.

Our family lived in Lidget Green, near the Great Horton railway station. I was born in 1949 near Bradford (Wakefield), and lived in Lidget Green from toddlerhood until we emigrated in 1960. The neighborhood provided many memories which were everyday and mundane at the time but now are more quaint and nostalgic. Milk (...Read full memory)

Ohh...if there was ever a place to find peace ...it was/is Chellow Dene. I was born at St. Lukes hospital in 1967. We lived on Manningham Drive until I was about five ...then moved to the new Dale Croft Estate on Sandy Lane and our house backed on to the quarry view. I had a west Highland Terrier called Tina and we spent so (...Read full memory)