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Classic photographs of all sorts of bridges from The Francis Frith Collection, spanning modest streams, rivers and broad estuaries. They include footbridges, clapper bridges, pack-horse bridges, medieval arched bridges, toll bridges, decorative Palladian bridges, suspension bridges, bascule bridges, canal bridges, and railway bridges. Evocative and atmospheric, these stunning images show British engineering at its most innovative and graceful.

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This traffic-free view of the town centre from Bridge Street conveys the history and feel of the place instantly. Much remains the same, having escaped the 1960s developers' heavy hands. The car has had the most effect in changing the town's ambience.

Other Memories from Bradford-On-Avon

I was at The Old Ride when I was seven and the school was in Little Horwood, Nr Bletchly Bucks. It had to be the worse time of my life. After 2 weeks, I was caught talking after lights out, and had to go to Reverend's study for a beating of six of the best with a horse whip. The school was run completely by his rules and archaic regulations. . Because I found the food unpalatable, I would ...see more

Added 29 September 2019
I have been searching my family tree and find that I had a great great great grandfather named Thomas Pearce Bevan who was born in Bradford on Avon born in 1805. He became a surgeon living in Rochester. He was married to Charlotte (Hodder) from the Isle of Wight. I believe his fathers name was Stephen. Apparently, Charlotte left some money to set up a small charity in Bradford which is now defunct. I am ...see more

Added 25 July 2014
I was a day boy between 1966 and 1970. I was always in trouble and spent most of my meals on the punishment table. The ruling was tyranical, you had to eat everything on your plate and couldn't leave the table until you had done so; classical music was played during the main course at lunch time and talking was not allowed. The teachers were either eccentric or old fogeys found on the scrap heap. Plug, the ...see more

I first saw Frankleigh House through the trees in the distance as I was driven there for my first day at The Old Ride Preparatory School for Boys. The school and its predecessor had been based there for many years. As a seven year old it was an inspiring sight. What seemed to be a huge building in acres of lawns and green fields. Tennis courts, a swimming pool and cricket pavilion just part of the grounds. ...see more

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