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West Yorkshire Photographic Memories

West Yorkshire Photographic Memories

The photo 'Bradford, Kirkgate, Market Buildings 1897' appears in this book.

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Caption for Bradford, Kirkgate, Market Buildings 1897: This imposing building of 1878 replaced an earlier market. Here, shoppers were offered an impressive choice of produce right in the centre of the city, just opposite the tram and trolleybus stops outside the town hall. The cast iron frame contained two 60ft-high domes, and huge figures of Pomona and Flora stood over the arched entrance. This market was demolished in 1973.

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Memories of Bradford, Kirkgate, Market Buildings 1897

We came to live in East Bowling in 1948 (Caryl Road, just a stone's throw from the former Bolling Girls' Grammar School). Trams (soon to be replaced by trolley buses) were still running up and down Wakefield Road. I went to Lorne Street Primary School (now sadly demolished) before going on to Grange Boys' Grammar School. I remember (...Read full memory)

I remember walking up the steps and through the big ian gates. Seeing all the stalls full of fish, meat, veg it was a wonderful market. We would go out of the other side into the open market which is now john Street market. Those were the day's.

My mum worked in Willey's wallpaper shop prior to the war and my dad worked in Morris's geocery shop. When dad joined up, mum took his job, so that dad would have a job to come back to. As mum became friendly with the Pie Shop owners, she would take me, when a child. I can remember the big steaming pie in the window. The owner bought me my forst teddy bear.

Gosh, I can remember so well going to work with Mum on a Saturday and having pie & peas with Tizer (PIE TOMS). I would be sat on the floor behind the stall, counting buttons while Mum was serving on / or having a natter. Lovely days.

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