Braintree, Bocking End c.1955

Memories of Braintree

Lived in East Street, Braintree and went to Chaple Hill School. I remember some of the teachers; . Miss Cliff, Mrs Clark, Miss Jackson, Miss Bacon, John Mews, Bing Clayton, David Coe, Peter Hoy, Ray Allum, Doug Kemp, Willie Watkins, Barry Wassell, Purle Haylock, Jenny Colston, Cyril Oakley, Mick Lewin, Neville (...Read full memory)

We moved to Braintree with our Dad, George Harkins, in 1966. He was an American, stationed at Wethersfield air force base, married to a young British girl, Eileen. We lived at 82 South Street for about 5 or 6 years, and me and my brother John attended Manor Street Primary school. After our time there we moved (...Read full memory)

I am really trying to think where this Polly's Hill is in Braintree. I was born and grew up in Braintree in 1976 so not as long as many who might be viewing this site. Even so, I pretty much recognise or even remember in some cases, many of the old photographs shown in this collection. - But this one is not something that (...Read full memory)

The young lad on the front row of this picture, holding his hand to his face [centre of road] was my husband's Uncle Will. William Ambrose lived at Woodfield Road, Braintree but died in Gaza during WW1 age 21. His name is recorded on the War Memorial at the Braintree Public Gardens.

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