Old Maps of Bratton Fleming

Historic Maps of Bratton Fleming and the local area.

Memories of Bratton Fleming

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Although I live in Canada, I have a sentimental attachment to Bratton Fleming, where my grandmother, born Melia Ann Parkin, was born long ago. This attachment was fostered by my seeing pictures in the National Geographic in an article entitled "Down Devon Lanes." As a child, I (...Read full memory)

From 1972- 1975 I lived in North Devon, and on the 20th Feb 1974 there was an outing from the White Hart. I remember the date as it was my 27th birthday and a coachload of us were going to Exeter bowling. The landlord of the White Hart was Jack, his wife I think was Eileen and they had a lovely daughter called Jacqui. (...Read full memory)