Brentwood, The Asylum 1897

Memories of Brentwood

I used to go to Brentwood swimming pool with my school St Martin's for girls and can remember going when it reopened for the new year - easter and it was absolutely freezing! I was not much of a swimmer so can remember it being torture for me. i also used to go with my friends during the (...Read full memory)

i remember this not as brentwood hackney schools but as st faith's hospital for women and children with epilepsy and other mental disorders. my father worked in the administration offices until he died in 1959 and my mother worked there as a nursing auxiliary after that. i remember (...Read full memory)

I was in a hospital called Highwood Hospital, in Ingrave Road. It was for children who had TB. I remember lots of friends there, the girls were separated from the boys. We had open air wards where we slept, unless it was very cold. Most of us were in our early teens. I was on a ward called Firs (...Read full memory)

The date on this photo is inaccurate. I joined Brentwood School in September 1963, at which time Hough House wasn't even started. From memory, it was not completed until about 1964 or 65. Godfrey Thomas (Geography teacher) was either the first, or one of the first, House Heads. Mark Welton Many thanks for this (...Read full memory)

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