Old Maps of Bretby

Historic Maps of Bretby and the local area.

In August 1956 I went to Bretby Hall as a Cadet nurse, in 1957 I became a student nurse but sadly had to leave in January 1958 because i developed Dermatitis .We spent so much time cleaning the wards, the trollies ,the sluice, ,we did not wear rubber gloves in those days just kept washing our hands,I am (...Read full memory)

My name is Brian Spray and I first saw Bretby Hall when I was 4 years old. I contracted Infantile Paralisis (Polio) in 1944 and was referred to see the lady doctor who practiced at Bretby, Dr Greason and Mr Lund. I spent 6 months on my first visit in 1948 and another 6 months in 1951. My next visit was in 1955, again 6 (...Read full memory)