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Caption for Bristol, Broad Street C1935: When Celia Fiennes visited Bristol in 1698 she noted that there were nineteen parish churches. There was no official place of worship for Catholics until the 1730s, and even then it was only created out of necessity. Abraham Darby owned a brassworks in the city, but in order to beat off foreigh competition he needed to employ skilled Flemish workers; they would only come to Bristol if thery were allowed to worship freely as Catholics.

An extract from Around Bristol Photographic Memories.

Memories of Bristol, Broad Street c1935

St John's Gate in Broad Street in Bristol is the only surviving medieval city gateway, at one one time there were seven gates into the old city. Fortified gateways pierced the town wall at intervals. St John's Gateway, originally one of these, is the only Bristol one to survive. Portcullis channels are still (...Read full memory)

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