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Cabot used only one ship with 18 crew, the Matthew, a small ship (50 tons), but fast and able. He departed on either May 2 or May 20, 1497 and sailed to Dursey Head, Ireland. His men were frightened by ice, but he forged on, landing somewhere, possibly on the coast of Newfoundland, possibly on the coast of Cape (...Read full memory)

Bristol's High Street scene of many strirring events in Bristol's history the heart of the city was destroyed and lost forever in 1940. As a city with docks and industry at its heart, Bristol was a natural target for German bombing during World War Two. The German Luftwaffe were able to trace a (...Read full memory)

The old St James Barton area of the city was demolished in the late 1950s to make way for Bond Street and the bus station. The rebuilding of the city started almost as soon as the Second World War had ended. The blitz destroyed many historic buildings and St James Barton was changed forever. It is (...Read full memory)

This 1960s photograph shows Bristol's Fairfax Street in the Broadmead area. The large building on the left shows the former Fairfax House Department Store, later pulled down to build Bristol's Galleries Shopping Mall. The Co-op's Fairfax House was demolished and replaced by The Galleries car park. (...Read full memory)

This 1960s photograph of Bristol's Horsefair in Broadmead shows the two swish large department stores of Lewis's (far right of photo) and and its huge neighbour Jones. (Lewis's now John Lewis no connection and Jones now Debnhams) Bristol had watched the two giants take shape alongside each other on (...Read full memory)

I was born on the 24th of July 1929 above a shop next to a pub called the Rose of Denmark, in Hotwells, Bristol, very convenient for Father to wet his whistle and my head at the same time. Father was born in 1893, Mother in 1895. They were married on the 9th August 1924. My older brother John was born in 1927. Two months after (...Read full memory)

Bristol's historic King Street. The Llandoger Trow inn on right of photograph.King Street is a 17th-century street in the historic city centre of Bristol. The street lies just south of the old town wall and was laid out in 1650 in order to develop the Town Marsh, the area then lying between the south or Marsh (...Read full memory)

There is no getting away from the fact that this is one the most attractive of all roads! in Bristol. In Victorian and Edwardian times, Queen' Road was home to a number of institutions. Here were the Museum and Reference Library, noted for its collection of natural history and geological exhibits, and a (...Read full memory)

When Bristol started rebuilding in the 1950s, it promised itself a shopping centre fitting for the Young Elizabeth age of the new Queen Elizabeth II. The old, much-loved Wine Street, Castle Street, shops had gone up in flames in the first big blitz of November 1940. The new centre, it was decided, would look (...Read full memory)

A list of just some streets which have disappeared or changed their names since 1900. Barr's Street (Lane until 1848) - Milk Street to St James's Barton - demolished and built over post-war for Broadmead Shopping Centre. Barton Alley - widened in 1860s and became Bond Street. Carey's Lane - Old Market (...Read full memory)