Brixham, The Harbour 1925
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Until the 20th century, shipbuilding was Brixham's most important industry after fishing. Small merchant vessels and privateers were constructed during earlier times for trade and piracy, though in later years many of the shipbuilders concentrated on building and repairing fishing boats.

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We have purchased Harbour Sails, Overgang. In the picture you can see that once upon a time there was rather large house sitting in front,which is no longer there, (where the boats are in corner of quay, there’s 2 masts that point to the old house). What happened to it?
Used to holiday at this caravan park in the first half of the 1970s. It was pretty basic compared to the Pontins camp just over the hedge. They had a pool, tennis courts etc. We only had a toilet and shower block and a very basic club house that sold a few drinks. Can anyone remember it? Would be lovely to know what happened to it - was it swallowed up by Pontins - before Pontins burnt down and is now a housing estate I gather with "Sharkham" in it's name.
I lived in Brixham between 2003 and 2015, before moving back to God's Country. I occasionally swam in this pool, refreshed daily by the in-flow and out-flow of the tide. 'Twas the coldest pool I have ever used! Nice though, early in the morning when not over-crowded... It was under threat of closure by Torbay Council when I left in 2015 - thank you Torbay Council!
Hello there, how very happy I was to find these photos on here of St Mary's Bay holiday camp. I, along with my sisters and friends, had lovely holidays there in 1956, 57 and 58. What a great place it was, no Blue Coats or Red Coats to entertain you, we did all that ourselves and put a show on every week. I remember singing 'Memories Are Made Of This' with my sister and friends as back -up singers, my first ...see more