St Marys Children‘S Convalescent Home .1952 1956

A Memory of Broadstairs.

I. am pretty sure this is the same place I was sent to with Chronic Asthma, when I was two until I was Six years old. It was called St.Marys and was run by an order of nuns. I remember having to have daily sun ray treatments daily, and were in dormatories. There was a massive big room where we had to lay on very thin type flat mattresses from 1.00 pm till 2pm for our afternoon naps. It was the same room we played in. I was only young and cannot now remember a lot. They had massive acres green grounds at the with a tall wire fence round them. That was were I used to see my younger sister and talk to her through the six foot wired fencing. Can anyone enlighten me if they were there at the time. Broadstairs. St Marys.

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Hello, I have only recently found out that my mother and her two sisters were sent to St. Mary's when they were small. My mum was three, her sisters six and eight, this would have been in 1929/30 as their mother had suffered a breakdown after the death of another of her daughters. All of the family kept this fact a total secret and I only found out from a cousin after my mum had died. I am hoping to find someone whose parent or relative was there at the same time, I know that the actual "inmate" is probably no longer around, but I'd love to hear from anyone who has information about the home in those days. They were there for six months and although she never breathed a word of it, I think it affected my Mum all her life. She suffered from separation anxiety which I can see the reason for now!

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