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I used to catch the train every week to visit my grandmother in Countesthoe. From where I lived in Six Acres it was about a mile walk to the station. The station was often staffed by Paddy a cheerful Irish man. If not him a lady would be on duty. A lady also normally worked the signal box. Most services were steam but in (...Read full memory)

The first house on the left in the photograph is No 1 Jubilee Road, and the house my parents moved into in 1931. I was only five years old but quite well remember other building going on as the road developed. Just a little before the vanishing point in this photograph , there is a road off to (...Read full memory)

I spent a very happy childhood - my father was a licensed victualler of Ye Olde Bulls Head on the bridge until he retired in 1949. I went to the local school - my teachers were Miss Pratt & Mrs Jefferies- the Headmaster was "Boss Cook" followed by Mr Muncaster. Each week we attended Sunday (...Read full memory)

'The Stream' ! We always have called it 'the brook' - Broughton Brook, and still do. However, the brook is in fact a tributary to the River Soar, it may in fact actually be the River Soar but simply not recognised as such until a few miles downstream. Whatever it's status, in the 1930s it provided (...Read full memory)

This is my second entry about Broughton Astley and may contain some references to items in my first reminisces. As a person 'born and bred' in Broughton Astley, I have fond memories of the village as it was 'in the old days'. In the days before the 'Jelson Estate'; the 'Bruce Fletcher Estate'; the (...Read full memory)

Born in Mill Lane in Broughton Astley on 3rd May 1926, I started school at B/Astley C of Primary in 1931 as a five year old. We would be 'called to school' by the ringing of the bell housed in the small tower which can be seen at the far end of the roof of the school - the building just past (...Read full memory)