Old Maps of Brynford

Historic Maps of Brynford and the local area.

Memories of Brynford

Read and share your memories of Brynford itself or of a particular photo of Brynford.

My first memory was going to school from Pen-y-Ball and being tought by Mrs Daisy Jones, Eluned Jones, Mr Bellis (the headmaster) and Mr Yeomans who we all loved, and also attending Sunday School every Sunday was a must. Mrs Price had the shop in Calcoed, she was our landlady and we would go every (...Read full memory)

I lived in Ysceifiog and used to travel by bike to the dances at the  village hall in Brynford.  I used to meet my friend Betty Davies and her sister Sheila, who lived in Brynford. They had two brothers Gerald and Leonard.  At these dances we had a band and an MC.  It was where I learnt the Gay Gordons and Quickstep and Waltz. (...Read full memory)