Old Maps of Burghfield Common

Historic Maps of Burghfield Common and the local area.

I was 1 of 9 children, we were placed at 83 Hunters Hill. I went to Garlands Schhool. My friends were Sharon Mallem, Jackie Baily, Jackie Bruce, Connie Sharky. I remember others ie the Farmers, Beals, Kemps, Longs,and more. We got the news a 4 bed house at Purley, mum and dad were really upset but needed more (...Read full memory)

I was born in the village and so was my father. Growing up was great, we used to walk over the common, which we lived in front of in Bunces Lane, leave doors unlocked etc, go for bike rides, in the village everyone knew everyone! If you got done or caught by the local copper, he would tell you off and then see (...Read full memory)