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For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our web site to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was when the photographs in our archive were taken. From brief one-liners explaining a little bit more about the image depicted, to great, in-depth accounts of a childhood when things were rather different than today (and everything inbetween!). We've had many contributors recognising themselves or loved ones in our photographs.

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How many Christmases can you recall, Can you go right back to when you were small, Can you remember a blanket of Snow, That covered the ground, or don't you know. Can you remember when Teens were once Tots, And Hopscotch was played on Black and White Spots, Can you remember the School bell being rung, Can you go right back to when you were young. Can you remember Bluebells in Spring, Buttercup, ...see more
Back in Burghfield around 1962, I clearly remember one day during the School Summer Holiday seeing a Huge Red and Green Steamroller coming towards me with a whole host of Road Tar making Machinery and about 10 men following on behind. The men 100 feet away were using extra long handled Forks to rough up what was then just compact dirt, and Tamp down all of the Potholes and ...see more
My Grandfather George Thomas Cooper 1880 to 1957 lived at Hebron a Detached Victorian House ( which is opposite what today is Coopers Place, named after my late Father Phillip George Cooper 1923. to 2004 ) my earliest memory of Granddad Cooper is of him digging in the Huge Garden ( which the width ran almost from the Laurel Hedge by the Footpath from Clayhill Rd right ...see more
I have lived all my 60+ years in Burghfield Common and I have seen it totally transformed. I was born and brought up in Three Firs Way, and lived here until 1987 when I got married and moved to Hunters Hill. Growing up in Three Firs will always be special to me. I still have a photo that was taken from my parents bedroom of the street and my dads lorry. Even being early evening it was the only ...see more
I was born at my Nan and granddad's house in Three Firs Way, my mum and dad then moved to Omer's Rise when I was one and then we got a house back in Three Firs Way when I was two. I loved growing up there. I went to Bland school then Garlands and last but not least Willink.. We never had to worry about going over to the woods and enjoying going outside with our mates. We were told to be in for tea and then we ...see more
I was born and bought up in Normoor Road, Three Firs Way, Burghfield. I went to Blands, Garlands and then Willink. My mum, her sister and brother all went to Mrs Blands school on Reading Road in the early 50's. My surname then was Earley and I loved living in Burghfield, I still miss it but I still take my son over to the park in Recreation Road. I remember the coal man, Wellers van and Clifford milk float.
I was born in the village and so was my father. Growing up was great, we used to walk over the common, which we lived in front of in Bunces Lane, leave doors unlocked etc, go for bike rides, in the village everyone knew everyone! If you got done or caught by the local copper, he would tell you off and then see your parents, so when you got home you had another telling off! The village has changed a lot over ...see more
I, with my brother Malcolm, attended the original Mrs Bland's School when it was in Reading Road. I think we started around 1957/8. From there we were two of the first fifty pupils to attend Theale Grammar School in 1963. This year (2013) along with several others of the first fifty pupils, plus some from the next years intake, we attended a reunion marking the first fifty years of Theale school. ...see more
We moved to Burghfield Common when my father started work as an MOD policeman at Burghfield. We moved into Bannister Road when the estate was still being built and I remember my mother saying that one day she opened the back door to find an adder on the doorstep. My sister Maureen & I went to Mrs Blands School when Mr Halfpenny and Miss Tanner were teaching. I remember that I always said I would have a car ...see more