Old Maps of Caerau

Historic Maps of Caerau and the local area.

Looking at this photo of the Square at Caerau brings back some happy memories of when the steam train would pass over the bridge in all its glory with the steam coming out of its funnel. The big billboard before the bridge was the only form of advertising in those days. The police station is still used today. Sadly the church (...Read full memory)

Hello, I now live in Co. Waterford. I gave my name as I was known in 1949. I lived with my Gran - Annie Evans - & Grandad Will at 26 Bryn Terrace, almost at the top. Grandad was a miner (he went underground at 11 years of age) in Caerau and also Glyncorrag. Born in 1942 I came to live with the above and go to school (...Read full memory)