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Memories of Caergwrle, Bryn-Yorkin 1939

I grew up in Hope Village from about 1940 to 1948. I used to go to the Derby Cinema for the Saturday Matinee. I remember the cashier was Mr. Eccleston who lived a couple of houses away from the cinema. He was short and rotund and we used to call him "Harry Eck" We used to walk down from Hope, and always checked out the red telephone kiosk down the street from the cinema to see if anyone had forgotten their change in ...see more

Added 08 October 2014
Dear Mr.Kirkham, I beleive that you have been a previous companion of my grandfather, David Harris. He tells me that you have once injured him at Caergwle castle with two more friends and had a rather violent game. You even thought that you had killed him! He was evacuated to Bryn Tirion and joined your school. A few months ago we have spent a whole day looking for you and we didn't find a thing! Please get back to me ...see more

I used to live in Meadows Lea, Darby Road and you were in my class at school!   My name was Mary Treacy!

My dad Bernard Kirham, much loved, greatly missed, was the first baby to be born here in the new housing estate in 1936. His mum Martha and dad James, brothers Joe, Jack, surviving brother Alfie, sisters Doreen, Nora, Elsie and surviving sister Gertie.Dad died recently, so it was doubley nice to view this site - thanks.

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