Caernarfon, A Welsh Tea Party c.1900

Memories of Caernarfon

I was born in Deiniolen in 1932 in Tabernacle Street, we then moved to Tan For, before moving to the new house in Pentre Helen. I enjoyed my time at the village school. My father was a quarryman as were all his brothers.

William Titterton and his son had a Butcher Shop on this street. He was a pork butcher.

Castle Square of the 1950s and 60s had a vibrancy that is absent nowadays. This was because all of the local bus services terminated there and a constant stream of people dismounted to go about their business throughout the day. People from the hillside communities came to town to do their shopping, buy food, (...Read full memory)

Castle Square in the 1930s was the terminal point for a bus service to Beddgelert run by the Brown Bus Service. Memory has it that the bus ran every two hours or so and had a garage (now a mountain-climbing gear retailers) on the right hand side of the main road entering Beddgelert. The bus shown, a brown and (...Read full memory)

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