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Caption for Caernarfon, The Square 1933: In this view of the square, coaches are parked in the broad open expanse. The town consists of ten streets within the walls, which are defended by round towers, and around twenty outside. It is the capital of the county, and in the late 1890s held assizes and sessions, and was the militia headquarters.

An extract from North Wales Photographic Memories.

Memories of Caernarfon

Castle Square in the 1930s was the terminal point for a bus service to Beddgelert run by the Brown Bus Service. Memory has it that the bus ran every two hours or so and had a garage (now a mountain-climbing gear retailers) on the right hand side of the main road entering Beddgelert. The bus shown, a brown and (...Read full memory)

Walking around the square time and time again to have a piece of Numer 8 rock off the Welsh Lady. What a treat and it was free.

This about the time my mother, Lysbeth Nielsen, was born in Caernarvon.

I was born in Deiniolen in 1932 in Tabernacle Street, we then moved to Tan For, before moving to the new house in Pentre Helen. I enjoyed my time at the village school. My father was a quarryman as were all his brothers.

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