Old Maps of Caldicot

Historic Maps of Caldicot and the local area.

I played for the first Sudbrook Cricket Club football team. We came second in the East Gwent 2nd Division and got promoted. I played with: Dave Clements, Mike Keogh, Paul Little, Ivor Baker, Tony Cochrane, Bobby Noade, Darren Noade, Phil James, Terry Bryant, Phil Smith, Carl Evans, Mark Stocker. If anyone can add to the list (...Read full memory)

My maiden name was Denise Warren, my parents were Albert and Ethel Warren. I was born in Devauden in 1952 and we moved to Caldicot approx 1958. We lived in Park Rd, Caldicot. I used to have to walk from there to the infant school, which seemed like miles and probably was. I remember walking past the bakers; (...Read full memory)