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Memories of Callander

I was eight years old when I became a pupil at McLaren High School. The Rector was a fine gentleman who wore a tail coat and striped trousers. His name was Mr Leckie. We also had a janitor who wore a uniform and had an impressive row of WW1 medals. My time there was pleasant, I was not an outstanding pupil (...Read full memory)

I was a pupil at McLaren high from 1945 to 1955 and I have found memories of those years. The photo of the Hydropathic reminds me of my childhood spending many hours playing hide and seek in what was the known as the Palace Hotel now abandoned. The closure was brought about by the war when many troops were (...Read full memory)

I was enrolled at McLaren High School at the age of four, during the war. I was put in a class for 6 year olds because I could already read. It was my first school. However, I was not there very long because we returned to Glasgow.

I well recall the day I set off for school, it was sunny as I left the house by Black`s garage. As I approached the school, I noticed a large crowd opposite the school gates. A spitfire had come down between two houses without touching either of them and someone was injured trying to rescue the pilot. I have no idea of the (...Read full memory)

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