Calne, View From Station Road c.1950

Memories of Calne

I remember that in 1955 this was known as the river Marden

I was born in the White Horse pub in Calne in 1952, at No 1 Wood Street. My grandparents, Alec and Dorothy Poole, were landlords at the time. I loved to stay there as a very small child and my room was a cosy room in the attic with a window to the street. They had a budgie called Joey and a dog whose name escapes my (...Read full memory)

Our Grandmother lived at 7 Wessington Avenue and my sister, my cousin and I stayed with her during many school holidays. She was a member of the Blackford family who owned the building works on the left of the photo and Tudor House next door. We loved visiting, sometimes on the Royal Blue Coach. We attended the Church (...Read full memory)

I have very fond memories of walking up this road in order to catch the old steam train to Chippenham, but alighting at Black Dog so that we could visit my grandparents who lived in Stanley. In younger days, I would paddle in the canal which partially ran alongside this road and catch tiddlers in a jam jar. Later I would visit (...Read full memory)

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