Old Maps of Camberley

Historic Maps of Camberley and the local area.

Camberley, where it all began. Where I lived half of my life so far. In your head you never leave the place you were born and raised. On a wet un-comforting day I found myself revisiting the town of my past. I was cast into memories of wartime school in School Lane, street play, places where I worked, courted, laughed (...Read full memory)

It was at this time I was sent to the holt grammar school in Wokingham,as we lived in the academy. The Agincourt was a venue where we all danced in lines, us mods with lots of tacky Miners makeup, asemmtric haircuts too. By the time I was 15/16 I went to a club in Blackwater - can't remember the name of it. (...Read full memory)