Old Maps of Camberley

Historic Maps of Camberley and the local area.

I was born in Bagshot but moved to Camberley in 1955 when I was 8. I attended York Town Primary School which was, and on checking the maps still appears to be, located on the other side of the London Road, a bit further down from what was once the Odeon cinema. Later on, like Gaynor Henderson (Smith), I (...Read full memory)

Hi all, I joined the army in 1960 & did basic training @ Blandford Forum, Dorset. One of my pals was Alan ( nicknamed Ginge, ( not pc anymore ) Dobson, whom if memory serves me correctly lived @ 22 Barosa Rd, Camberly. When we got a week-end pass Ginge invited me to his parents home, as for me to go home to Glasgow, Scotland (...Read full memory)