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Memories of Camberley

This was a right pain, going from Barossa County Secondary School along to the TV mast, sorry, monster thing, and getting lost (conveniently) to be late to avoid the cold showers,. We used to have some good bonfire nights behind the flats but that was allowed then, all the estate would turn out to get rid of rubbish (...Read full memory)

Camberley, where it all began. Where I lived half of my life so far. In your head you never leave the place you were born and raised. On a wet un-comforting day I found myself revisiting the town of my past. I was cast into memories of wartime school in School Lane, street play, places where I worked, courted, laughed (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember the Mack family? They lived at Barossa Farm, Kings Ride, Camberley. I used to visit Mildred Mack in the 1970's, she was then in her 80's and lived in Yateley but she used to tell me stories of growing up in Camberley.

Hi Brenda Thanks for the reply. You Mac's workers are all just one big family, so to speak. Since I started the site in March this year, I'm amazed as to how many of you seem to know each other. Oddly enough I'm having talks with Ray Sandys and I'm hoping to meet him and Mr Charlie Caisey in the near furture. Ray's playing (...Read full memory)

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