Old Maps of Carnforth

Historic Maps of Carnforth and the local area.

As a child in the 1960’s and 70’s I went several times with my family to visit Mrs Esther Pomfret (Auntie Ettie to us; she was a relation of my father's) at Carnforth Lodge, Lancaster Road.  I don't think this is shown in the photo. The first time I went there I was fascinated by the old house.  It had a (...Read full memory)

I remember Market Street, with its shops,cenotaph and the County Hotel on the left hand side of this junction (out of sight!). I lived on Preston Street from 1951 to approx 1966 and went to Carnforth North Road school. My surname was Newcome then. We used to go to the County Hotel for our school (...Read full memory)