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Explore and buy nostalgic photos of Carreg Cennen

Browse our selection of old photos of Carreg Cennen. Some may have also been hand coloured in the traditional style, bringing an old scene back to life with even more realism.

All these photographs are available to buy as a wide range of products, including framed prints, canvas, jigsaws, mugs, tea towels, cushion covers and make great gifts for relatives at Christmas, for birthdays and almost any other occasion. Don't forget we also have maps for Carreg Cennen and Dyfed too!

Image Quality: These images are intended as a guide to the content of a photo, NOT the quality. You may order any image from our website confident that we will check & optimise it (tonally adjust, remove scratches etc) before we make your prints. If there are technical reasons why an image you order cannot be printed to the high standards we set, we will notify you and give you the option to cancel, or select another image.
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Ref. C218503
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Ref. C218063
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Ref. C218302
Ref. C218306
Ref. C218042
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Ref. C218076T
Ref. C218064T

Reference Prints: The photos below have not been shown on our website before as they have not been optimised and some may not meet the quality standards we require for use in our normal product range. However, we understand that our archive holds images which are potentially important for genealogical, local history or architectural research and so we are showing these on the website for on-line research only. These may be available to buy, but need to be checked, optimised and updated on the website before you can place an order.

Why are these different? All 300,000 photographs in The Frith Collection have been scanned, but as the photos were taken over a 110 year period on a wide range of glass & film negatives, using different photographic processes, every image has to be checked and optimised, before we make a print for a customer.

Despite over 20 years’ work on the archive, these scans have still not been individually checked and may prove to be damaged, faded, or not of sufficient quality to ever be offered in our full product range. However, if you would particularly like to buy one of these please contact us quoting the Frith negative number(s), the town name and size of print you would like to buy. On receipt of your enquiry our archivist will check the scan and advise you if the quality is good enough.

Ref. 87715C
Ref. C218008
Ref. C218502
Ref. C218048
Ref. C218045
Ref. C218044
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