Carrickfergus, View From The Quay 1897

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Caption for Carrickfergus, View From The Quay 1897: A view looking down Belfast Lough to Carrickfergus and the harbour. The town and church can be seen inland of the castle, ranged beneath the slopes of Knockagh. A ship lies rotting by the quay.

An extract from Ireland Photographic Memories.

Memories of Carrickfergus

I remember this shot very well. My dad had his fishing boat there, he would take us to Bangor for the day from this spot. To be sure some of you would remember Geordy McFall. My uncle Hammie Loughlin once gave me a beautiful night shot of the castle all lit up from this view, unfortunately apparently too beautiful as the (...Read full memory)

My Mum, Anna Gregg, was evacuated here during the Second World War, a long way from her mother and family in Belfast. My sisters, my eldest daughter and eldest grand-daughter came here with my mum a few years ago. Mum could still remember all the shops and places she went to whilst she was evacuated here. Does anybody else have memories of being evacuated here or of my mum?

Ahh the memories. I was born at 22 Irish Quarter South,home of my Grandfather, Arthur Bamford, a house that stood at the top of the coal quay, pulled down in 1949, a garage stands there now. Caught many a mackeral off the end of the coal quay too. Haven`t been home since December 2000, maybe one day.

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