Old Maps of Carshalton

Historic Maps of Carshalton and the local area.

I too remember The Oaks House with fondness. Aged 12 yrs old I used to cycle there from Purley & found a hole in the boarding on a window, so crept inside. The staircase was stunning but damaged, there was a fire hose left trailed down it and I understood that there had been a fire there some time before, so I never (...Read full memory)

The pub on the left is gone. That's now a Co-Op and the row of shops next to it includes (in order) a cafe, a newsagents, a Chinese take-away shop, a Thai resturant, a bakers, a small clothing shop, 2 hairdressers and a funeral parlour. On the right, all those fancy lamposts have gone. And on the corner is (...Read full memory)