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My memories of Cefn Fforest were of Whitson marches in your new clothes and having sore feet where your new sandles rubbed your feet raw. Along with 'Thomas The Milk' was Pughs Farm who had a horse and cart delivering the milk - my parents would send me out to collect the milk in a jug - this was before the milk bottles came into being. Also the police station where Sgt Church and 'Brace the Bobby' put the fear of God into us. Of Mrs Wilton in the fish shop (the tin shack) over the shops where the pensioners bungalows are now, where you could get a penny bag of scrumps. The Sally Army playing their music on a Sunday afternoon on Bedwellty Road. Also the wonderful ice-cream you would get from Conti's next door to Rees Jones's. Oh, the butcher was Fred Palmer, a big man with rosey cheeks. Another memory was being made to go and collect the manure off the road after the milk cart had made a visit and the horse had left a present! My grandfather, Dick Dunstan, used to tell us it was great for the roses, so we had to go out with a pan and brush to scrape every last drop of the road. My memories of Cefn Fforest are endless, it was a great place to grow up in - although we didn't appreciate it at the time.

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We moved from Wiltshire to Cefn Fforest in 1952 and my father bought what was Rees Jones Shop, which was opposite the police station. I remember Mr Yuill the policeman (son Ian and his sister Beverley), and Mr Brace. Anthony's the butchers was around the corner. Me and all my friends used to play in Bedwellty Road, even in the dark as it was safe to do so in the late 50's early 60's. My life changed slightly when I was 11, because of an accident caused by one of my friends when I lost the sight of my left eye. This did not cause me any undue problems later, as by the time I passed my driving test in 1963 (taken in Abergavenny in those days), it did not affect my driving. I remember thinking back that I actually drove my fathers car (Sunbeam Rapier) to school on several occasions, as I still attended Blackwood Sec Modern (imagine doing that today). I did enjoy growing up in Cefn Fforest with all my friends and wonder how they are getting on and where they all are today, it was a very long time ago, but I still remember my time there with great affection.

Memories Robert M Hill

Hi Robert,dont know if you remember me,I rented the flat above your Dads shop in Bedwellty road in the late 60,s,great days back then! everybody seemed to be happy! and enjoy themselves with the pace of the day! happy times indeed. Robert Ovens
Hi Rob,jusr read your comment, i was one of the gang who played on the tumps, was on holiday when you had that shocking accident.i lived in Bedwellty road, 1946-1966. Elsie beddis worked in the shop for many years along with another woman whose name I can't remember, she had a handicapped daughter. Do you remember the mountain ponies coming to the tumps looking for food when the snow was too deep on aberbargoed mountain?

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