Old Maps of Cefn Hengoed

Historic Maps of Cefn Hengoed and the local area.

During the war I too was evacuated to Wales, I went to Bargoed. Three months after my return to Birmingham I was put away by my father. Put into the care of Birmingham Children's Committee. I stayed in the homes from 1942 to 1947 and then was "boarded out" to Haywards Farm in Cefn Hengoed. I went to Ystrad (...Read full memory)

The Kemp family lived in Cefn Hengoed from about 1920 to 1938, I was born there in my grand parents James and Rose Kemp’s house, No.64 Gelligaer Road in 1934. My memories of the village start from about 1937 I remember seeing a bus go flashing by down Gelligaer Road with its interior lights on, when I questioned (...Read full memory)