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Memories of Chaldon

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I was born in Caterham hospital 19th April 1939 and lived at Cherrywood, Rook Lane, Chaldon until about 1952 when we moved to Bognor Regis. My father was Fred Fishlock who was quite active in social events. I went to St P&P village school where there were about 30 pupils and two teachers. The head was Miss Healey. I was at (...Read full memory)

We moved to Chaldon from Purley in 1963 to live at 20 Roffes Lane in Little Bindles, which was the middle of three thatched cottages built in the 1920s by a builder to live in with his houskeeper one side and his parents the other. It was to showcase his skills as an architect and builder. The Batemans (...Read full memory)