Old Maps of Chatham

Historic Maps of Chatham and the local area.

I was born in Chatham in 1951 and lived there up untill I got married when I was 19. I can remember a pub on Military Road called the Three Brothers, I think. We used to meet there before going to the Dockyard for the weekly dance and disco. We also used to go ballroom dancing again in the High Street but I can't (...Read full memory)

My first job when I was 15 in 1967 was at Paines a mens outfitters in the High Street. We had the money in the wooden cups going across the ceiling to the cash office. I was on the toy counter. There was Mr Will; Mr Eric, Mr Barton, Mr Haines, Mrs Evans, Julie and Doreen. We closed Wednesday afternoons. As well as (...Read full memory)