Chelmsford, Mother And Daughter 1919

Memories of Chelmsford

This photo shows the view from the bottom end of the High Street leading up to the Shire Hall in the very far distance. One can clearly see the blinds on the shop on the corner of Springfield Road, and the Boots logos and sign on the wall of the building. To the left side between the two parked cars, hanging (...Read full memory)

I have in my possesion a pocket watch, the final proceeds of a family will of which William Loveday was one of the executors. It was given to my grandfather, one Arthur Raven as a keepsake in clearing up the last few shillings of the bequest. In searching my family history I came to Chelmsford and found that the shop known as (...Read full memory)

I was born in Chelmsford in 1937 and can remember going to the market every week and seeing all the farm animals such as cows, bulls, pigs, sheep, chickens, rabbits, etc. all there for sale. My favourite part, though, was where they sold dogs and puppies and my parents always said no to my plea to buy one every week. (...Read full memory)

Many years ago the Shire Hall was where the Quarter Sessions trials were held. This would be the same as the Crown Court trials of to-day. The magistrates court was held in an old building which can still be seen in Church Street. Nowadays it is where the magistrates courts are to be for the time being. Enter (...Read full memory)

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