Other Memories from Chelmsford

The public house which can be seen on the right, still stands to-day, except that it is now called the Railway Arms. The lampost that can be seen on the left would be standing outside the present day railway station. Where the trees are on the right, would be the site of the of the old Quaker Building which was used from about 1823 until the 1950s. It was named after Anne Knight who was originally born ...see more

This is a view taken from the bottom of London Road, near to the High Street. It has now changed beyond all recognition. However there is one building which has not changed in appeareance one bit, and still exists to this day. If you follow the buildings on the right side of the road, literally the last one you can make out has its apex roof towards the road. Well, this is the Chelmsford Institute ...see more

I left Rainsford School in summer 1959 and worked for 6 month on Hoffman's assembly line. I then joined the Chelmsford Co-op Grocery, starting on the provisions counter, in Wells Street where I trained under Arthur Halliday (he also trained my father in about 1925). They were happy times. We served every customer from counters (no self service), everything was weighed and wrapped, ie bacon, butter, sugar, rice, ...see more

This shows the view looking up Tindal Street from the London Road end. In the centre of the photo you can see a sign sticking out. This you can just make out is the Spotted Dog public house which was there until that side of the road was developed. Just beyond the cars you can make out a large building on the left, this is the one shot where you can see the Corn Exchange. This as mentioned previously ...see more

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