Cheltenham, Promenade 1923

Memories of Cheltenham

We were transferred to England in 1953. My father who was in the Air Force at the time hadrented a house on ( I think lansdown circle ) did remember the name ," bleak house " and it was too. Loli was in ins pinafore. Cannot remember who my form teacher was. But do remember miss (...Read full memory)

My father was killed in 1941, and my mother re-married in 1945 a gentleman who owned a nursing home in Cheltenham. It was in Victoria Walk along from the Town Hall and had huge cellars that stretched to under the Town hall. My holidays from school at Christmas were spent 'helping' Gill Sharp in his friut shop on (...Read full memory)

I lived the war years in Gloucester and at weekends when the weather was great, my friends and I would take the bus to Cheltenham and spend the day at the lido. I thought it was a wonderful place. There were massess of American service men stationed in the area at that time awaiting the assult of the D-day landings. (...Read full memory)

The unique and distinctive property of the Promenade is that its roadway is twice as wide at the top end (Queens Hotel) as it is at the bottom end (High Street), while the buildings double in height from the four stories of the Municipal Offices to the two story insurance office at the top. The reduction in (...Read full memory)

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