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Cheshire Photographic Memories

Cheshire Photographic Memories

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Caption for Chester, Eastgate 1903: Foregate Street looking towards the Eastgate. The clock was presented to the city by Edward Evans-Lloyd in 1897 to commemorate Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee. The clock was made by J B Joyce of Whitchurch and sits on top of ornate ironwork designed by John Douglas.

An extract from Cheshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Chester

Had a lovely meal in this place courtesy of a disabled aquaintance residing there. First time I had seen oysters ordered and eaten. Also cocktails shaken by the barman. I remember not knowing that the pot containing ginger was meant to be sprinkled on the half melon.

I remember the Town Hall Square exactly as it is in the picture.I used to go with my Mum to my Grandma's in Hoole. We used to get the number 9 bus which you can see in the picture! Happy Happy Days.

This is 1950s, before that there was a lower smoke stack, I used to live in Christleton Road and can remember the old one!

I remember going to Chester Zoo as a child with my parents and grandparents during the 1970s, each visit was really great, except for the hippos who made one of the worst smells I have ever smelt - it was nauseating!

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