Chester, The Cathedral, North Side 1888

Memories of Chester

Chester for me, in the 1960s, was, first, the Museum.  It was a full day out.  The C4 or C3 bus from Overpool or the C6 from Rivacre, small pack of sandwiches and some orange squash in my school haversack and I could spend the day with the Roman Army. Having a very eidetic imagination (I think in pictures) it (...Read full memory)

Does anyone else remember the Autumn Sports held in August with the parade of morris dancers not the usual type, they all had bells on their pumps and were very like the American Majorettes, we used to watch it from the top of Canal Street then they used to have competitions on the Roodee afterwards.

I remember the Town Hall Square exactly as it is in the picture.I used to go with my Mum to my Grandma's in Hoole. We used to get the number 9 bus which you can see in the picture! Happy Happy Days.

hairdressing at richard henry .still go back.i was given name simon.thanks girls .it stuck all the way to worcester .grest at xmas

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