Old Maps of Chiddingfold

Historic Maps of Chiddingfold and the local area.

I lived at Coldharbour on Mr Passmore estate. Also there was Mr & Mrs Wady, Mr Puttock, Mr Turner, And a couple who ran the paper and sweet shop behind the crown in Chiddingfold. I went to school in Chiddingfold and used to walk home to High Street Green. I also remember visiting a (...Read full memory)

I was a Chiddingfold child. My father was from Milford (Cozens) and his mother and father owned the little newsagents/grocery shop on Manor Road. My mum was from Shackleford (Reffold) and I didn't move far away - Godalming, and some of my siblings still live in Chiddingfold today, my youngest brother in the family home (...Read full memory)