Chilton Foliat, View From The Bridge 1908

Memories of Chilton Foliat

My father believes the man in the carpenter's apron in photographs 60995 and 60995x may be Francis New. The carpentry business he is standing in front of was eventually taken over my grandfather, John Bray, and his brother William. In the directories they were listed as wheelwrights but they (...Read full memory)

I hope I'm not in error here but would dearly love to liaise with someone who might have local knowledge of where my Kemp relations resided - I think it was in and around Leverton. Richard and Christien Kemp had their children baptised at St Mary's; their son John Kemp is my known ancestor - he married Elizabeth (...Read full memory)

My family moved to Chilton Foliat and took over the "Old Post Office". I was still young then and went to the old school run by Mr & Mrs Hassall who lived next door to the school. Two classrooms and very fond memories. At the end of every day we would all have to stand still, dead quiet and were not allowed to (...Read full memory)

I was born 3rd July 1959 in Marlborough hospital, I spent the first few months of my life in Ramsbury, my parents lived opposite the fire station, until our house burnt down and we moved to Crabtree Close, Chilton Foliat, where my dad still lives. I then went to the "OLD" Chilton Foliat Village (...Read full memory)

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