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My Grandma, Hilda Taylor, lived at No 1 along with her daughter, Vera, and son-in-law, Wally Atwood. Vera worked for many years at Butcher's, Newsagents. Rosemary Morris, Shrewsbury.

I am writing this on our 39th wedding anniversary, which brings back happy memories of St Margaret's Church, where we married in 1975. We were so worried about the then vicar, who had a terrible stammer. In our meetings before the wedding, he could barely finish a sentence without stuttering. What would the service be (...Read full memory)

During the period we lived in the Fruit Shop in Hooley (see Hooley pages) I belonged in the Girl Guides and my Sister Moira was in the Brownies. (Actually, when we moved into the Fruit Shop I was still a brownie, but sadly got stripped of my 'Sixer' status I'd had in North Harrow Brownies, (...Read full memory)

I lived in No 2 Shabden Cottages with my mother and grandfather. Our name then was Wood. I was 6 years old in 1952 and this is my memory. The shops on the left of the road were: the newsagent/sweet shop run by Mr & Mrs Butcher. They had a daughter, Shirley. Mr Bradshaw's shop was originally back further, together with (...Read full memory)

A memory jogger: The Post Office first on the left, was run by the Murphy's, later by Mr Tye (spelling may be wrong), next on the left was the greengrocer - Mr Bradshaw, nice chap with grey hair and black horn rimmed glasses I think - reminded me of Johnny Morris, the shop on the right I recall was a grocers ? run by Mr Richmond. (...Read full memory)

I have very fond memories of my Grandparents, known as Harry and Nancy Grimes who owned the Grocer's shop shown - No 22. Also as a child growing up in Chipstead, just around the corner from the shops and times when it was safe for children to be out on their own. I remember crossing the road to wander up to the woods (...Read full memory)

I have a photograph of this cottage in an old album - it was known as Ruffels Wood then and and was owned by my family! Is it still there today? Sue Thick (nee Garle)

My Grandmother used to live opposite The Cottage in The Cot  -  she used to "do" for the people who lived there  -  it brought back such memories  -  I last saw it when I was on embarkation leave during the war.

We moved into the parade of shops in 1938. Our father opened a green grocery and florist shop at No16 I think? I recall that although the war years were devestating to many people I recall many fond memories growing up in Chipsted with my older sister Valerie. Our father was serving in the national fire (...Read full memory)