Old Maps of Cirencester

Historic Maps of Cirencester and the local area.

I was born in Swindon, and brought home to the Square House as my mum and dad and Nanna lived here. My dad (Tony Wright) was a woodman for Lord Bathurst. We lived here until about 1977, when we moved to Swindon. My dad has lots of stories about working in the woods, and there are lots of family photos of us in the (...Read full memory)

My uncle Ralph Smith was born in the round house in 1926 and my mother Gwen Smith was born there in 1928, Their father Edward Smith ( my Grandad ) was the last working Ox man in England, He and his oxen appeared In the film The Mummy , King Solomon's gold mines and the Devils disciple , he started working for Lord Bathurst (...Read full memory)