Old Maps of Clacton-On-Sea

Historic Maps of Clacton-On-Sea and the local area.

This picture takes me back! It was around 1962 and I was 11 years old. We travelled down to Clacton from South Harrow on a Valiant Cronshaw coach which we caught outside a pub in Northolt - The Plough, I think it was. A great journey to Clacton, and we stayed at 92 Rosemary Road. Gwen Hawkes and her (...Read full memory)

At the time my surname was Grayston. What can I say, 1980 to 1984 were the best of my school years!! - What a fab school. This was largely a medical school at the time I attended, mainly for childeren with heart murmours, breathing problems, etc.. I was sent there at the age of seven until I was eleven for severe asthma. (...Read full memory)