Old Maps of Clacton-On-Sea

Historic Maps of Clacton-On-Sea and the local area.

Yes name was Norah Cleghorn, and we lived next to her mother in Burrs Road in the early 1950s. Nora was well known for bringing the Donkies along West Road from Jaywick for their daily ride home by the now Martello Restaurant. The children used to run along with the donkies every day, and some helping with the rides. Nora died a few years ago.

I was born in Clacton in 1953 along with my twin Brother. We spent most of our time down by the sea because my Dad worked at Butlins around 1960. My uncles worked on the Pier and my Nan worked in the Arcadeds and we also had an Uncle taking tourist photos along the Beach. I remember many times watching Punch and Judy. Our (...Read full memory)