Old Maps of Clacton-On-Sea

Historic Maps of Clacton-On-Sea and the local area.

For a week each year, in the 1950s, I stayed with my aunt in Clacton during the school holidays. I seem to remember that we, my mum and I stayed at my auntie May's house, I'll always remember the address, 49 Coppins Road, for several years during the 50s and once in 1961 (I think). My clearest memory of Clacton was (...Read full memory)

At the time my surname was Grayston. What can I say, 1980 to 1984 were the best of my school years!! - What a fab school. This was largely a medical school at the time I attended, mainly for childeren with heart murmours, breathing problems, etc.. I was sent there at the age of seven until I was eleven for severe asthma. (...Read full memory)